Lorin Mak Gilserf in 1258 the same as Lorne Mach gilherve in 1266

“The Surnames of Scotland” Black

Lorn de Ardebethy, 1296 equals Laurin of Ardveich, according to many, many authors transcribing the Ragman Roll of 1296. Whether he is actually a McLaurin is another question entirely.

Johannes de Larin Dominus Ergadie, 1340 is John Stewart of Innermeath Lord Lorn I, “Bishops of Argyll” Turner

“The name Laurin seems identical with Lorn, or derived from the same root; and that root is said to be ‘Laurence’.”

Daniel MacLaurin, History in Memoriam of the Clan Laurin, page 14, 1865,

“This ancient patronymic evidently derived from the Dalriadic chief Laurin of Laurin, in Argyle,”

George Fraser Black, “The Surnames of Scotland” page 534, 1946,

“Chief of the tribe of Laurin in Argyll”

Margaret MacLaren, “The MacLarens” page 9, 1960.

“it is an ancient Argyll name!”

Brigadier John MacFarlane, the last native speaker of the Lorn dialect of Argyll Gaelic. “The Newsletter of An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach”, President, “The 1745 Association”, 2018

“Loarn is an old Gaelic name. In the Book of Ballymote [1390] there is for instance a Loarn who become Loernus in Adamnan's Latin.” Dr. D.C. McWhannell, 2018

In “Manuscript 1467” written by Dubhghall Albanach mac mhic Cathail (‘Scottish Dugald son of the son of Cathal’), there are four lineages with names of what scholars over the decades have thought to be Laurin or Laren.

The Clann Ghille Eadhráin (MacLeran) lineage lists “mhic Lamrainn”, which is “son of Laurence”.

The MacLabhartaigh (McLaverty) was mistaken for “McLaren” by W. F. Skene. This lineage contains “mhic ab----?----” which Skene took to mean “The Abbot of Achtus”, which became “Abbot Labhran of Achtow” the patronym of the modern MacLaren Clan, so that is a fictional character created by Skene, since these are all West Argyll lieneages in Manuscript 1467.

The Mac Gille Ainnrias (Gillanders) lineage lists “mhic Loairn”, which is “son of Loarn”

The Mac an Aba Uaine (“the son of the Green Abbot’) lineage lists “mhic Loairn”, which is “son of Loarn”