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People of Medieval Scotland between 1093 and 1314

Dr. Donald McWhannell, Scotland,

Indigenous Survival in the Era of Global Corruption

Crofters fight for rights of indigenous people

Ronnie Black has been patient answering many questions. Raghnall MacilleDhuibh was born in Glasgow. He married Máire while he was at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in 1972. From 1973 to 1979 he was cataloguer of Gaelic manuscripts in the National Library of Scotland. From 1979 to 2001 he was a lecturer in Celtic in Glasgow and Edinburgh universities. He is Gaelic editor of The Scotsman and author or editor of numerous books, the latest being To the Hebrides (2007), a new edition of Johnson and Boswell’s accounts of their tour.

West Highland Notes and Queries


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Scottish Y-DNA Project

MacLaren DNA Project

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Peter Lawrie

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Western Isles - An indigenous community

“Creag An Tuirc” by Neil McLaurin is an excellent source for data gleaned from many sources, unfortunately Neil’s analysis is skewed toward the fictional history we all know so well. Neil also made assumptions concerning Donald McLaren of East Invernenty supposed quaich. Chapter seven on "Perthshire" details this 15th - 16th century time period of Clanlawren.

St. Moluag

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“Quarterlies” 1969-1979 by Banks McLaurin Jr., deceased The most valuable source available for researching Appin McLaurins, Balquhidder and Breadalbane and Canadian MacLarens that emigrated to North America.

Y-Utility: Y-DNA Comparison Utility, FTDNA Mode

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