John Cameron McLaurin's (B-cbe) letter to his uncle “Upper” Duncan McLaurin about Neill McLaurin's trip home to Kinlochetive.

Neill McLaurin (B-cad) of Wilmington, North Carolina, was born in 1778 at Kinlochetive, Benderloch, in Ardchattan Parish, Scoland. Neill, the fourth son of “Upper” Duncan McLaurin and his wife and 2nd cousin Mary McLaurin (B-ca), the daughter of Hugh McLaurin (B-c) and his wife Nancy from Glenahyle, Appin, probably Blar-nan-laogh.

John Cameron McLaurin was the son of “Upper” Duncan’s brother-in-law Daniel McLaurin (B-cb), John Cameron lived with his wife Margaret McNeill in Richmond County, NC and raised their kids and many of their siblings children also. He died in 1888 and is interred in the Stewartsville, Cy. In Scotland County.


Stewartsville Cemetery, Scotland County, North Carolina

John Cameron McLaurin b. 1803, d. 1888