Emigrants to North America

List compiled by Banks Mclaurin Jr. 1960's. As you can see most came from Appin or Loch Tay.

Very few came from Balquhidder, which is another indicator that not that many McLarens actually lived there. Many more lived to the north of Balquhiddeer in and around Loch Tay and in their original territory of Lorn. The MacLarens were far outnumbered in Balquhidder by Stewarts, MacGregord and Fergusons in that order.

1730 Argyll, John McLerran, the “J” and “K” Families to Cape Fear River area of North Carolina.

1731 unknown origin, Alexander McClaren, one family to Jamaica,

1734 unknown origin, John McClaren, Gloucester, Coutny Virginia, indentured servant.

1742 from Ireland, Mathew McClearn, New Castle, Delaware

1745 unknown origin, Daniel McClaren, Dan River, Rockingham, North Carolina

1753 from West Argyll, Rev. Robert McLaurine, Richmond, Virginia

1754 unknown origin, James McClarren, Isle of Wight, Virginia

1761 unknown origin, Daniel McLerran, Chesterfield Co. Virgina

1763 unknown origin, Collin McClareon, New York

1774 Appin, Argyle, SCT, Daniel McLaurin and family, Richmond County, North Carolina

1775 from Argyle, Ewen McLaurin, Loyalist, Orangeburg, South Carolina

1776 unknown origin, John McLarren, of South Carolina

1783 Comrie, Perthshire, Danile MacLaren, New York

1785 Callender, Perthshire, SCT Donald MacLaren, Onondaga, NY

1790 unknown origin,  three families McClaron and McClerran in New Hampshire and Vermont

1790 unknown origin, John McLaurin, Washington Co. New York

1790 Appin, Argyle, SCT, Sixteen families led by Duncan McLaurin, children, nieces and nephews

1793 unknown origin, Daniel McLaren, and three other McLaren families Fauquier Co. Virgina

1798 unknown origin, Malcolm McLaren, Caledonia, New York

1803 Invernenty via Blair Atholl, James McLaren and family, Brudnell Pioneer, PEI, Canada

1822 Methven Parish, Perthshire, SCT Robert McLaren

1815 Loch Tay, Breadalbane SCT, Bathurst emigrations to Canada, Nine McLaurin families

1835 Balquhidder, Perthshire, SCT, Archibald McLaurin and family, New Orleans, LA

1848 unknown origin, John Wesley McClarin and family, Salladsburg, Lycoming Co. PA

1859 unknown origin, John MacLaren and family, Rensslaer Co., N. Y.